Life's a journey... here and living it!

Life's a journey...   here and living it!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I actually won the final contest at Memory Creators. OMG...I think my mouth actually dropped to the floor and hit my toes! I had no idea that the pictures I had to work with would win. I had the hardest time working with the bright orange. I actually had fun putting the Elsie tough to my LO though...that part was fun! I had a blast doing this contest and meet some of the sweetest and most talented people during this contest...I am honored to have done this contest with you. Your all great on the message all rock! Thanks Shawna for being the coach and running the contest and to all the design team for voting for me and to Stayce the owner. I can't wait until next

We went to a superbowl party right after the announcement and we won $335.00 in football pools. How lucky were we today. I've already got the money spent on the grand baby. She's getting a new big girl bed and she is going to love it. Can't wait to get the pictures! We'll off to bed I have cropping tomorrow with my best friend, I'm trying to get my HOF layouts finished...nothing like waiting until the last minute. I do work best under pressure though!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's my birthday

Wow...I'm 46 years old...I had a great birthday this year. DH was great to me...except the ragging me for being older, that's going to happen no matter how sweet he is to me! He got me a new sewing machine...I'm so excited! It was a toss up on that or a nice scanner. I've been wanting to do LOs with stitches, so...the sewing machine won out.

He took me to PF Changs last night for dinner and it was soooooo good! I love that place! Then today I got to crop all day with my best friend, Tina. We went out to eat for dinner...her treat (she's so tricky and sweet) and had a great time. This weekend I'm cropping with the rest of our friends and celebrating mine and another friend's birthday. A girl could get spoiled after my week. Next weeks back to normal so hey I'm going to live it up this week.

All my kids told me Happy Birthday except one. He is in Korea, so I'll let him off the hook a little on that one! Even my daughter away at Basic training called and wished me a Happy Birthday! I talked to my parents and brother too. I feel pretty blessed!

I day dream of Cancun!