Life's a journey... here and living it!

Life's a journey...   here and living it!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm really back this time...

We'll I'm not divorced yet, but I'm settled into my own place and I (finally) have my computer, my scrapbook room, and most of my things. The divorce will be final in February and I'm ready to move on with my life. I'm sorry I have not been around and have lost touch with the scrapbook world, but I'm ready to dive back in and get started. I'll post more and hit all my usual spots real soon...

I can't wait to do a contest and crops again... I've really missed that! And, I've missed all my scrapbook friends!!! I'm in Charlotte, NC now, so if anyone is in the area I would love to have someone to do srapbooking things with.
HAPPY NEW YEARS! We'll 2008 was not a kind year for me...I lost my marriage of 22 years, a relationship with my youngest daughter...she's with him :-( , my home, my cockatoo, and my little yorkie. What does not kill you only makes you stronger! I know 2009 will be a better year. I hope that everyone else had a better year than me! I'm looking forward to a new year.
I spent the summer with Heather, Jessica, and Hayleigh. My sweet little baby girl has really grown. I really miss ALL my kids!

I day dream of Cancun!