Life's a journey... here and living it!

Life's a journey...   here and living it!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Our house

is officially for sale! I've been busy painting, cleaning, packing, and yard work for what seems like weeks. I'm finally done...that is until we move. Now I have to keep 3 teemagers and a grand daughter from messing up all my work. Maybe I'm not done?

I'm waiting on the realtor to get our pictures up of our house now. Then I can show off all the work we've done to get it ready to sell. The house is painted through the entire house. Our house had no trees when we moved in seven years ago, no fence, and no landscaping. We've added so much to the outside of this house and now we have to move away. There are so many things I will miss about our house. With all the military years of traveling from one place to the next I always called my birthplace (Charlotte, NC) home. I finally started calling this home. We've made great friends and have had great neighbors (for the most part), and I have made a best friend and some very dear friends.

Every tree has a reason behind it...such as Mother's day & valentines. We put in a trellis archway over the gate to the fence the first year we lived here along with the fence. It has been a beautiful backdrop for prom pictures. Our lastest project was the covered trellis over the porch with a cover over it. We added the patio recovered, deck, and trellis in stages over the year. We had plans to extend out the deck and add a hot tub and swimming pool. Life stop us before that part was added. I sure wish I had a chance to use that part. Maybe the new house?

I'll add pictures soon.

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