Life's a journey... here and living it!

Life's a journey...   here and living it!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I got this from another blogger...who got this from another blogger!

i am: an outgoing person
i want: to live each day to it's fullest
i have: a wonderful husband, 5 children, and 1 grand daughter
i wish: I could be with all my children this Christmas
i hate: that my grand mother has to suffer with Alhemizers
i miss: Christmas time with my family in Charlotte
i hear: dogs, cats and a loud mouth bird in the background
i wonder: if I will lose my mind before three daughter's (ages 15 to 20) leave home
i regret: things I should have said but never did
i am not: good at keeping in touch with old seems to get in the way!
i sing: but not well
i cry: for the young soldiers that gave their life to protect us
i am not always: happy...but I try to be
i make with my hands: scrapbooking and painting for my family
i journal: about my family
i confuse: myself and DH at times!
i need: bedroom feet are cold lol!
i should: be cleaning...what's the fun in that!
i start: my day as soon as the girls are off to school and work...less drama that way!
i finish: the day watching my favorite shows...thanks to DVR!

please post a message if you decide to do I can go check it out!


MsGrace said...

I love this I am doing it in my blog right now.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i'll play along...but give me a day or two...i just made a post earlier. =0) and thank god for did we live without it??

Anonymous said...

I did this too.

fun to read yours!

I day dream of Cancun!