Life's a journey... here and living it!

Life's a journey...   here and living it!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Round #7

at Scraplove and Monica has an awesome challenge for us. We have to use "I wish..." in our layout. That's it...the rest is our design. I love it...complete freedom! She also has designed a great way to get some people voted off back in the game with a great little spreadsheet that keeps everything fair! She's the greatest!

I've already got an idea in my head and I know what pictures I'm going to use for this challenge. This is my oldest son, Adam who is stationed in Korea. I miss him all the time but even more during the holidays! So here's one of the pictures that I'm using for this challenge...

My DH took this picture of Adam walking away at the airport. This is our young soldier becoming a man...this is his job, this is his adventure and he makes us proud! This brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it! I love you Adam...Mom

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.jess. said...

thats is an awesome picture!!!!

I day dream of Cancun!